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Into The Deep Death and Diving on the Andrea Doria
A Photo Gallery of the Andrea Doria In the summer of 1998, over the course of 42 days, three scuba divers jumped from the charter boat Seeker, explored the sunken remains of the ocean liner Andrea Doria and died. They were among the highest-qualified divers anywhere and had spent years preparing to assault their sport's Mount Everest. This four part series tells the story of two boats, three men and one deadly ambition.
Deadly Lure Of
Diving the Deep

Divers in search of the Andrea Doria.
A Deadly Season's First Victim
The life and dives of Craig Sicola.
A 'Scuba God'
The story of Richard Roost, the Andrea Doria's second casualty.
A Mystifying Death
A look at what caused Vincent Napoliello's death.



Dan Crowell, skipper of the Seeker, which brought the two divers to the wreck of the Andrea Doria, describes the incident that killed a diver last year.
--Seeker Productions

Radio Sound Clip of the Andrea Doria Sinking
Andrea Doria -Tragedy and Rescue at Sea
Andrea Doria Artifacts & Scuba Diving Info
The Andrea Doria/Stockholm Collision

Diving to the Doria (108K)
Anatomy of a Dive (88K)
Deconstructing the Dive: Craig Sicola (40K)
Deconstructing the Dive: Richard Roost (48K)
Graphic: Deconstructing the Dive: Vincent Napoliello (39K)
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